The Sea Wolf

The Sea Wolf is a unique strain of wolf that lives  in the habitat of the Great Bear Rain Forest on the central coast of British Columbia.The Sea Wolf is highly social and fiercely intelligent . The Sea Wolf is a fantastic swimmer and enjoys a unique relationship with First Nations people, they have shared their territory for 11,000 years.

Positive things happen when wolves are present including very low coyote, deer and elk populations, smaller animals thrive as well as vegetation as the herd animals are kept in check and the balance of nature is maintained.

After the dinosaurs, the 3 large predators on Turtle Island [this is what the First Nations called the Americas], the Sabre Tooth Tiger, a very large bird that could kill a horse and Wolves . The wolf survived because it was social , supportive and worked in groups . The First Nations People co-existed with the Wolves and with nature [a good lesson]. When the Europeans arrived the mass slaughtering of wolves began as these new settlers brought more domesticated animals to Turtle Island . Some cultures demonized wolves (The Big Bad Wolf, Little Red Riding Hood etc.,) so it made it easy to justify killing them [words do lead to terrible deeds ].We see it today when children and certain people are stereotyped and thus rendered of no value. People prevailed. Wolves are starting to make a comeback due to our learning and understanding of the wolf and of mother nature . All dogs come from Wolves, "our best friends". Wolves are very much like us . As we ate and herded more meat the more wolves we killed [over 2 billion cattle in the world that cause a lot of pollution-methane gas and taking over land]. Nature lives in balance, vegetation, frogs and smaller animals flourish when Wolves are present .

As Chief Seattle says "we are just a strand in the web of life, whatever we do to the web we do to ourselves".